Insurances & Payments

All forms of private insurance are managed by welfare institutions or insurance companies.

Direct agreements

  • FASI e FASI open
  • New Med
  • Allianz Worldwide Care
  • Insieme Salute
  • Odontonetwork

Indirect agreements

  • Ente Nazionale e Sordomuti
  • FADA Nuovo Pignone
  • Assilt
  • Fisde
  • Quantas
  • Asem
  • Casagit
  • Cassa Edile

All funds with direct agreement allow the patient not to anticipate money and all the documents are managed by our staff.

In addition, the FASI Prevention program is in place, which allows patients over 65 to receive implantology and prosthetic treatments, including the entire dental arch, completely free of charge.

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Payments and financing of care

Following the initial visit, an individual care plan for diagnosed problems is issued after discussing the possible alternatives. In all cases a written estimate is drawn up, countersigned by the patient and the doctor. The payment plan is agreed according to the patient's needs.

Financing of care.

There is an agreement between national ANDI and Compass for amounts up to 4000.00 euros which allows a payment in 12 installments at a real 0 rate, presenting only one document and the health card. Higher amounts can also be financed subject to approval and with a duration of up to 5 years with interest at subsidized rates .

All dental care is deductible from the tax return for 20%. All forms of payment including Bancomat and major credit cards are allowed.

Installment payments

The innovative PAGODIL service is available, which allows payment in installments from 2 to 12 monthly payments up to a maximum amount of 5000.00 euros at no cost to the patient simply by using a BANCOMAT card.

The monthly installments will be paid monthly through RID on the current account as any use without any additional charge.

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