Fixed Prosthodontics Crowns and Bridges

Fixed prosthodontics is the branch that deals with the prosthetic restoration of severely compromised teeth with crowns or tooth replacement with bridgeworks. In general, devitalized teeth often require coverage to ensure adequate resistance to chewing loads and to prevent root fractures.

The crowns can be made of different materials: porcelain fused to metal, pressed ceramic zirconium etc. Metal ceramic crowns are the restoration with the best scientific documentation and offer a good compromise between aesthetics and durability.

In the last twenty years the research of materials and the advent of digital technologies has allowed the realization of metal-free crowns completely alternative ceramics to the ceramic metal.

In particular, the use of zirconium, a ceramic material with mechanical properties similar to those of a metal, has made it possible to overcome the resistance limits of conventional ceramics. Nowadays, with CAD CAD technologies, solid zirconia crowns can guarantee a high esthetics and a long term result.

The traditional bridges to replace missing teeth have been partly supplanted by the implants but they maintain their fundamental role where existing bridges are to be replaced in the presence of still valid roots. Full arch splinted fixed prostheses are no longer a valid option because of the high risk of failures in long term. Today, it is preferred to make short bridges of up to 3-4 elements and possibly place implants where necessary.

All prostheses are made on a semi-individual articulator or completely individualized in order to guarantee the best quality of occlusal contacts All prosthetic restorations made in our clinics are guaranteed for 5 years and made to last at least 20 years.

Dr. Giovanni Fazi specialized in Prosthetics at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) and has over 20 years experience in prosthetics.