It is the branch that deals with the treatment of the root canals once the tooth has lost its vitality or pulp tissue is compromised due to a deep caries.

It allows to rescue teeth that have given rise to abscesses and allows to treat chronic lesions generally called granulomas.

Important technological advances have developed tools that allow endodontic therapies even in cases once not possible.

The instruments used to clean and shape root canals are now made of Nickel-Titanium alloys that allow high flexibility and breaking strength and can be mounted on rotating handpieces, reducing operating times.

Optical magnification tools combined with optical fibers allow the vision in depth of dental roots and help to identify any treatment difficulties.

Modern tools called apical locators allow to measure the correct length of the roots and work as real navigators inside the teeth.

Other modern tools such as the "System B" or the "Obtura" syringe allow to seal the tooth with thermoplastic materials in total safety and reliability, reducing operating times and guaranteeing optimal results.

All these tools are routinely used in our clinics to ensure high quality and predictability of endodontic treatments.