Dental Aesthtics

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are the best therapeutic option for improving the shape and color of teeth. They are porcelain laminates of about 0.5 / 0.7 mm in thickness adhesively bonded to teeth enamel. A minimal tooth preparation is required and, due to a high strength of adhesion between porcelain and enamel, the highly esthetic result, usually undistinguishable from natural teeth, is very durable.

They can correct the serious tetracycline dystrophy (congenital gray teeth) or restore the worn or chipped teeth, correct gaps between the teeth or slight alignment defects.

Single veneers can be made, in case of partially fractured incisors a san alternative to composite restorations that degrade or break off over time. Entire sets of veneers (usually eight per arch) are usually planned to obtain the perfect smile, perhaps similar to the photos in the magazines .

In selected cases, veneers can be made without tooth preparation (prepless veneers), or partial veneers (partial veneers). These are applied to correct gaps between the teeth or defects in tshape of the single tooth.

Dental Bleaching

Dental bleaching of the entire arch or of a single darker tooth (external or internal bleaching) is widely tested and has no limitations except for accentuated dental sensitivity or presence of existing prosthetic restorations in the anterior areas.

The best whitening technique is represented by the use of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide combined with a Led Lamp, which allows an immediate result even in a single session.

There are also home bleaching systems with transparent masks and whitening gel with lower contractions that allow maintenance of results over time.



Dental Aesthtics

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