Oral hygiene

It is the fundamental aid to home dental care. It is performed by hygienists using ultrasonic and manual instruments.

Complete removal of even subgingival calculus is very important to prevent gum disease. In smokers, pigmentations can be removed using bicarbonate spray air flow. Dental bleaching can be performed in all patients who do not have anterior prosthetic restorations. Bleaching is performed by home treatment with individual printed templates and syringes containing carbamide peroxide.

Dr. Giulia Gelli, a graduated hygienist, is a precious and expert collaborator of the clinic for many years now. Each session lasting about 50 minutes includes the following steps:

1) Monitoring of gum health by means of probing and annotation in the clinical diary of all patient problems
2) Accurate scaling and root planing, when necessary using ultrasound equipment and manual instruments
3) Polishing of the teeth and removal of any smoke or food stains also by means of Air Flow with bicarbonate
4) Instructions for use of the toothbrush and dental floss / proxy brush are customized for the patient
5) Caries control also by means of the innovative DIAGNOCAM instrumentation which, by means of a laser light combined with an HD camera, is able to detect tooth decay without using radiographs. The exam can be done to anyone, including pregnant women and children as no x-rays are used
6) Fluorine applications for children and adolescents that help reinforce and protect the enamel