Conservative dentistry

This is the branch of dentistry that deals with carious lesions and teeth restorations. It is the fundamental therapy of the teeth that prevents the formation of endodontic problems, abscesses, etc. Traditionally, silver amalgam fillings were used, a mixture of metals containing silver and mercury. This material guaranteed high durability due to its characteristics of fracture strength and good sealing ability. Unfortunately, the appearance of the material was poor with a deterioration in time that led the teeth to turn grey.

Today tooth-color resin composite materials are mainly used in combination with modern adhesive techniques to guarantee long lasting esthetic restorations.

In order to use these materials it is necessary to use the rubber dam that insulates the tooth from saliva and allows the bonding procedure.

The so-called white fillings can now be used in all situations to replace old fillings or to treat new carious lesions in both the anterior and posterior teeth.

Reconstructions of devitalized teeth have also benefited in recent years from extensive research in the field of fiber and composite resins, which today have definitively replaced the metal cast post and the silver amalgam build up.