Prosthesis on implants

Prosthetic planning is always performed before the implants are inserted, in order to have implants in the right position and with the ideal angle.

This planning uses a digital diagnostic wax-up to preview how the teeth will be, then converted into an X-ray guide to perform radiographic analysis of the bone volumes using CBCT Scan, and a surgical guide that allows the correct implant insertion.

Both our clinics are equipped with CBCT (dental CT SCAN) and a modern prosthetic and surgical planning software.

Restorations on fixed implants can be cemented or screw retained.

The latter are to be preferred in complex reconstructions as they always can be retrieved even after years, with ease for any repairs or maintenance interventions- Implant restorations are always made using digital CAD CAM methods in metal-ceramic or zirconia.

Dr. Giovanni Fazi is a Specialist in Prosthodontics trained at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.