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When it comes to your health or your family members it is not easy to find the qualified professionals you can rely on. Very often we recommend ourselves with friends or family members who have had positive past experiences in dental treatments.

But sometimes positive feedback does not help because maybe that dentist recommended by his friend is a good general dentist who is not able to handle a specialist problem, such as a complex implant prosthetic rehabilitation or an orthodontic treatment of our child.

In fact, the best evaluation criterion is to look at the cultural background of the professional and his fields of expertise.

Furthermore, dental treatment can not and should not be standard treatment, while respecting operational protocols, but it remains necessarily a customized treatment plan, to meet the needs of the patient, and to gather the highest percentages of clinical success.

Best treatment in dentistry is that therapy that achieves the purpose in the shortest time and with the lowest financial cost, with the minimum possible percentage of failures.

In our clinic, patients find a wide range of expertise in restorative, surgery and orthodontics. Dental specialties that can solve  main problems that normally occur in the oral cavity.

Dr. Giovanni Fazi, specialist in Dental Prosthetics and Implantology, visits all the patients and directs the therapeutic procedure after an accurate diagnosis, carried out with modern investigative methods such as digital radiography, volumetric and traditional TAC such as model analysis, the periodontal survey.

Dr. Maria Rosaria Colangelo has been performing orthodontic treatments for children and adults for over 35 years, with various techniques, mainly fixed appliances, but with a focus on the latest techniques such as invisible or highly aesthetic devices. A refined orthodontic technique conjugated with a rigorous gnathological setting, or the correct combination of the arches, determine optimal long-lasting results both in aesthetics and in functionality.

Our daily effort is to offer our patients an extraordinary experience, trying to fully understand their needs and performing our treatments in a painless way for the patient and ensuring the highest quality standards.

The technical updating of equipment and methods, the continuous education combined with an experience of many decades offer our patients the certainty that what they will receive will always be at the level of excellence in dentistry.