Cone Beam CT Gendex GXDP 800

Cone Beam technology allows to perform 3D volumetric radiographs like a conventional CT scan with a significant reducrion of x-ray dose equivalent to about 2 panoramic. The TAC is essential in implantology to be able to plan the intervention perfectly and to preview the result obtainable.

TAC Cone Beam Gendex GXDP 800

In implantology, the available bone volume in relation to the position of the missing tooth is essential for the success of the implant.

Furthermore, quantifying bone volumes with a full-dimensional three-dimensional examination often makes it possible to avoid more invasive bone reconstructions, thanks also to the availability of short or short dental implants, once unavailable.

The wide field allows to visualize also the mandibular condyles and the maxillary sinuses in their entirety, allowing certain diagnoses of possible sinusitis, to be treated before any implant surgery in these areas.

The cone beam has also revolutionized the diagnosis in Endodontics, that is, it allows to identify with certainty granulomas or infections present, not visible with conventional radiology. The special program allows the production of small volumes at low dosage of radiuses limited to the area of the tooth of interest.

The installed equipment is very modern, of the latest generation, and combines a very high quality of the images with a minimum dosage of x-rays.

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