Diagnocam by Kavo

Diagnostic examination for the detection of caries without X-rays. DIAGNOCAM

Thanks to an innovative intraoral dental transillumination technology combined with a high resolution video camera, it is now possible, through a non-invasive examination of a few minutes, to detect even small-sized caries, with a 3D visualization significantly improved compared to radiology conventional, and above all without exposure to x-rays.

The advantages are:

  • Absence of x-ray exposure
  • The exam can also be repeated with great frequency an unlimited number of times
  • Possibility to identify caries at an early stage, allowing minimally invasive treatments and preventing more complex and expensive therapies
  • The patient can view the "live" scan of their teeth
  • Suspicious caries images can be saved to the medical record for follow-up
  • It is possible to perform the survey in children and pregnant women thanks to the absence of X-rays
radiografia digitale
radiografia digitale


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