Digital Radiology

A high quality dental radiology translates into a good diagnosis and a correct classification of the problems and is therefore the beginning of a successful therapy.

Digital radiology results in a drastic reduction of the radiation delivered to the patient thanks to a greater sensitivity of digital sensors compared to traditional films. The sensors are phosphor films similar to conventional plates with good flexibility which results in reduced patient discomfort. The images are also sharper and more detailed and allow a better diagnosis even of carious minor injury.

Our clinic has an advanced digital radiology system through which it is possible to perform the following radiological analyzes:

Intraoral radiographs and periodontal status
Dental panoramas
CBCTC scans
Tomography of Temporo-Mandibular Articulation (ATM)

The intraoral radiographs are small radiographs that are taken to obtain the maximum detail of the single tooth. In complex cases, a complete set of x-rays (Status) is taken to evaluate on a tooth by tooth basis all existing disease and provide a correct treatment plan.

Foto 1
radiografia digitale
Foto 1
radiografia digitale

Panorex radiography is the first mouth screening test and should be performed by everyone periodically in life. In our study it is performed with a latest generation digital radiological instrument that allows a reduction in radiation and a clear improvement of the image compared to conventional panoramas.

radiografia panoramica


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